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Guided tour 2hour driving
1-11-12 Taihei Sumidaku Tokyo

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With the “safety and Comfort” as our motto, we are the rental & tour service provider of performance car driving.

Our experienced guide will lead you, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing your way around.

We provide two different routes depending on the time of day(day-time and night-time) here are the details below…

Why you should choose us

Unique Experience DrivingEasy to drive from the very first time!

Anybody with the International Driving Permit can drive.
“Valid driver’s license in Japan”See HERE for details.

Multiple courses/price plans to choose fromCourse

Tour through famous sights of Tokyo for 1 hour (25km) or 2 hour (40km) whilst you follow one of our guides.

Easy AccessExcellent Location

Our shop is located just 7 minutes walk from Kinshicho station or 10 minute walk from Skytree.

Booking/Inquiry form HERE

Price / Course

※Gas, 3rd party insurance, Tax, Toll Gate, Guided Fee included.
※If you pay online you get 1000yen cash back at shop.
1 hour 2 hour
Car Rainbow Bridge
Shibuya Crossing
Fairlady Z33 (AT) ¥8,000 ¥14,000
BNR32 Skyline GT-R ¥11,000 ¥19,000
BNR34 Skyline GT-R ¥16,000 ¥29,000

Rainbow Bridge
(25km 1 hour) (11:30/13:30/15:30)

You shall set off from our shop in Kinshicho then enter onto the highway via Iriya Toll Gate, from there you will experience driving over Rainbow Bridge and get a great view of Tokyo Bay Area.
After that we will head to Tatsumi Parking Area for a 5 minute break, we will then exit the highway and return back to our shop.

Tokyo Drift Tour (duration: 2 hours)

Shibuya Crossing
(40km 2 hour) (18:30/21:00)

You shall set off from our shop in Kinshicho then enter onto the highway via Iriya Toll Gate, from there you will head to Shibuya where you will drive through the famous crossing of Tokyo (particularly impressive at night). Next set of destinations will be Omotesando, Roppongi, Tokyo Tower (we will take a 10-minute break here), imperial Palace, Tokyo Station, Ginza, Akihabara, Ueno, Asakusa and lastly Skytree tower. *The tour finish back at our shop.

Tokyo Drift Tour (duration: 2 hours)

Pick Your Car

How to participate

How to reserve

  1. 1Check availability from reservation form, then select date/time and pick your car.
  2. 2Read “What you will need” carefully, and prepare one of the applicable licenses/permits.
  3. 3Make sure you have received a confirmation email from us.

How to start the tour

  1. STEP 1Arrival at
    our shop
    Arrival at our shop

  2. STEP 2Confirmation of
    the validity of
    your license
    Confirmation of the validity of your license

  3. STEP 3Read check and
    sign your name
    to waiver

  4. STEP 4Checking
    your belongings
    Checking your belongings

  5. STEP 5Safety instructionSafety instruction

  6. STEP 6DepartureDeparture

Booking/Inquiry form HERE


Kinshicho Station

Chuo-Sobu Line
by JR East

Shinjuku Station-Kinshicho Station

Hanzomon Line
by Tokyo Metro

Shibuya Station-Kinshicho Station

How to get to our shop

  1. Get off at Kinshicho station of Sobu-line and take North exit.
  2. Pass through taxi stop.
  3. Go straight until you see walk way to your left, Turn left.
  4. Go straight till you see "Burger King" on the right. Walk across against Burger King.
  1. You will see skytree in front. And walk straight toward the skytree.
  2. After you walk straight for about 300m, you will see a recycle shop "East Wave" with a yellow sign board. Then turn left.
  3. Walk straight about 10m then you will find our shop on your right.


Address: 1-11-12 Taihei Sumidaku Tokyo
Chuo-Sobu Line by JR East / Hanzomon Line by Tokyo Metro
"Kinshicho Station" 7 minutes on foot


Q.Do I need to know how to drive a manual transmission?

Currently our 2 GTR’s are manual transmission only. However our Fairlady Z is automatic transmission.

Q.Can I bring passengers?

Yes, you can bring as many passengers as you like so long as the car can accommodate it. Its free of charge.

Q.Can I bring a friend to switch driver during tour?

You may bring along a second driver so long as they have the correct documentation for driving in Japan. There is an opportunity to switch halfway through tour when we take a break.
(we can only switch once)

Q.How can I pay?

You can pay online when you book.

Q.Can I reserve more than one car?

Yes, you can but you will need to do two separate bookings for each car.

Q.What happens if I cancel?

You will be charged the cancellation fee as specified below.
<From the day of your reservation>

  • ~ 7 days before0%
  • 6 ~ 2 days before20%
  • The day before50%
  • Today100%

*You can change your reservation for free of charge.

Q.What happens if I arrive late?

As we need to start tours punctually, we require you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your reservation. We can wait no longer than 15 minutes after your reservation (if we have availability its possible to reschedule but not guaranteed). Arriving too late will be considered a no-show and no refund can be issued.

Q.What if i forget valid international driving license for driving in Japan?

Failure to bring correct documents will lead to refusal to drive without the possibility of refund.

Q.Can I still drive if I have consumed alcohol?

Absolutely not! If we suspect a customer has consumed alcohol (or drugs) prior to driving, we will cancel your reservation without the possibility of refund.
Here are examples of punishments for drink driving in Japan:

  • If BAC is minimum 0.03% you can be imprisoned up to 3 years with a fine up to JPY500,000.
  • If BAC is higher than 0.03% this may increase up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine up to JPY1 million.
  • If a driver cause injury or death due to drink driving, you may be imprisoned up 15 years (injury) and up to 20 years (death).

Q.Is any insurance included?

The user must pay for any damages caused by the user (if user refuses to pay, the authorities will be notified immediately, and legal action will be taken).
Our service is covered by insurance as required by law, however not everything is covered, here are the terms and conditions below:

  • Compensation for injury to pedestrian/other drivers: All covered by insurance.
  • Compensation for any damage to public/private property or other vehicles: Minimum fee of JPY200,000 (maximum JPY500,000).
  • Compensation for passengers/driver’s personal injury due to accident: Up to JPY 30 million is covered by insurance, anything higher must be paid by the driver.
  • Any damage to the vehicle caused by the driver MUST pay a minimum repair cost of JPY200,000 (maximum JPY500,000).
  • In addition, a Loss of Earnings fee will be charged to the driver due to the damage repair period. Minimum JPY200,000 (maximum JPY500,00).


USA, 28 years oldThe night tour was outstanding!!! (Brisbane, Australia 24) 

I originally came to Japan for the Rugby World Cup. I was looking for things to do here and heard about Tokyo Drift. I always wanted to drive a GTR and what better way to do it than driving through the streets of Tokyo. OMG! This was the best thing I did by far when I came here, that moment I cruised through Shibuya crossing at night was sick! I would recommend this to anyone visiting Japan 100%.

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Taiwan, 24 years oldCompletely surpassed my expectations! (California, USA 26)

I will never forget this experience. The staff are kind, informative and genuinely want you to have a good time. At first, I couldn't decide on daytime or nighttime driving but ended up picking daytime. I have no regrets, driving across Rainbow Bridge was awesome!!

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Japan, 22 years oldI want to come back soon!
  (Hong Kong, 35)

I regularly travel to Japan for work and thought I would try on the 1 day I have free. I wasn't sure what to expect as I don't drive that much. I drove the blue skyline; it was little scary at first but when I got to the highway, I felt so cool! It was super-fast and easy to drive. I want try this again and bring my friends!

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“What you will need”

You MUST have one of the following combinations of licences to drive in Japan.

・ Home country license with International Driving Permit(your country must be a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention in order to get this IDP, no others will be accepted here) and passport.

・If you are from (Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia or Monaco), you need your countries license, Official Japanese Translation and Passport.

・SOFA license if you are stationed in Japan.

・Japanese Driving License.

Booking at


Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
Best way to contact us by Facebook or Email.

You can also contact us by phone.
(We are not always available to answer the phone)

Japanese03-5637-8777 English+81-3-5637-8777

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